Lush Fantasy RPG Pylon: Rogue is Ready to Spread its Wings

Sayonara, early access.

Just over twelve months since its unofficial release, Pylon: Rogue has been patched, polished and wants to make your acquaintance. Pairing organic, polygonal fantasy worlds with a deep, combative strategy core, QuantumSquid Interactive is serving up a banquet of highly replayable proc gen maps, all swarming with battalions of beasts (read: prehistoric birds of prey, dragons, desert creatures and more).

Select your favourite character and play style from a champion quartet, power-up their natural abilities, and in your spare time hunt down additional items and loot. Pylon: Rogue‘s loot drops are deliberately randomised, to keep gameplay evergreen, and QuantumSquid promises enemy battles will keep evolving to keep you on your toes.

Currently in early access, Pylon: Rogue is set to launch on September 21. Interested players can dive into its endless battles today for $14.99 USD. Seamless switching between keyboard and mouse and gamepad/controller is supported for those who are more loyal to consoles.