Studio Wildcard Looking Into ARK: Survival Evolved’s CrossARK Character Transfer on PS4 and PC Server Issues

ARK; Survival Evolved is suffering from a couple of problems, but the studio is working on fixing them as soon as possible.

Studio Wildcard’s full release of ARK: Survival Evolved isn’t going as smooth as the studio has hoped for. However, the studio acknowledged the recent issues on PS4 and PC and are currently working to fix them as soon as possible.

The studio reached out to their playerbase through the game’s Community Forums, reassuring fans that they are aware of the character transfer issues on PS4 as well as the reported PC server issues.

We’re currently looking into an issue with Character Transfers through the CrossARK System. We’re aware when connected to an Official server, after attempting to join a new one with survivor, it takes you back to the original server. We’re also aware of an issue on Unofficial PC hosted servers where clusters aren’t correctly displaying for one another and are looking into this as well. We suspect these problems have been caused by some of the more recent changes to the server session list, to resolve some crashes and make it a lot more fluid.

We’ll be rectifying this as soon as we can and hope we’re able to get a patch out for this on Monday (as it would have to go through cert, with it being too late to submit right now).

A temporary work around which will work for Official Servers is, after conducting the transfer process, when you’ve loaded back into your original server, instead of hitting ‘spawn survivor’, press Start and exit to main menu, then join the server you want to play on, and from there you can download your survivor.

They haven’t provided an estimate on when exactly these issues will be fixed, but we’ll keep you updated if any new announcements are made.