Splatoon 2 Gets Another Free Weapon Tonight

Splattershot Jnr. makes a comeback.

Splatoon 2 players will be happy to note that they’ll be getting another free weapon DLC later tonight. The weapon, dubbed Custom Splattershot Jr., makes a return from the original Splatoon.

In order to get ahold of this powerful weapon players will need to be purchased using in-game currency from the Ammo Knights weapon shop. The customised pistol is modified version of the standard Splattershot Jr. It basically introduced a new sub-weapon along with a special.

Custom Splattershot Jr.’s subweapon deploys autobombs which will follow around enemy players and detonate. The special is Ink Storm, which creates a menacing cloud around the battlefield that rains paint.

The Custom Splattershot Jr. arrives in the US tonight at 7 PM PT/10 PM ET and tomorrow morning in Europe.

In other Splatoon 2 news, the upcoming patch has recently been revealed. You can check out the full list of upcoming changes, here.

‘Splatoon 2’s update 1.3.0 mainly conducts weapon and gameplay balance changes, changing the performance of some Special Weapons, Sub Weapons as well as various gameplay improvements and changes. Reddit user frozenpandaman was kind enough to translate the game’s Japanese patch notes to English until the official English patch notes get revealed. Here is everything update 1.3.0 brings to Splatoon 2’

Splatoon 2 is out now exclusive to the Switch.