God of War Will Be The Most Brutal Title In Franchise History

God of War will be incredibly brutal.

The God of War series has been a popular franchise for gamers who enjoy a hack-and-slash brutal gameplay. Kratos has been up against a slew of enemies both man and beats, not to mention the over-the-top boss battles with various gods. So as we approach the next installment to the franchise, which acts as somewhat a reboot, there could be some concern from longtime fans that the title will forget its brutal roots.

That’s not the case, however, as a new interview with Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Vice President of Marketing, Asad Qizilbash at the official GameStop Expo Twitch channel. Asad spoke about a number of different topics, though God of War was brought up and the Vice President of Marketing was able to confirm that God of War is not like the past installments but instead will be the most brutal game to have released from the franchise.

While the narrative will be based around Kratos and his son, forcing our protagonist to control some of his rage, the game doesn’t pull any punches on how brutal it can be. This is partly due to the combat change, noted by Asad.

Unlike the previous installments, the combat with God of War will center the camera over the shoulder of Kratos. Furthermore, the battles will not be focused around a swarm of enemies as much as the game will pin players with one or two enemies. Ultimately, this makes the battles more personal and strategic than mindlessly slashing away.

How well gamers will take with the new combat style for God of War remains to be seen as the title is not slated to launch until sometime in 2018 exclusively for the PlayStation 4.