If Mass Effect’s Samara Were a Qunari from Dragon Age, This Is What She’d Look Like

This ‘what if’ scenario presents Samara as a member of the Qunari race.

DAYAS, a user on CGHub and Reddit is putting together a 3D model of Samara that's set as a crossover from Mass Effect to Dragon Age. It features the aforementioned blue-skinned character, Samara, in an outfit very much like those worn by the Qunari race in Dragon Age's world. Rather than having tentacles for hair as she does in Mass Effect, Samara appears to sport horns much like the Qunari. 

samara as a qunari

The creator of the model states that it made sense to make Samara a part of the Qunari race given the similarities between the Asari race of Mass Effect and the Qunari of Dragon Age. 

"I made Samara part of the Qunari race since the whole Asari justicar code and Qunari way of life is similar in some sense," he wrote. "Thought it would be best fit for her."

You can follow the rest of his progress on reddit

While the character has yet to be textured, the creator has put together a backstory for the character, which reads as follows:

Samara the first Tal-Sataareth

Due to the defeat of the previous Arishok, by the champion of Kirkwall, the newly appointed Arishok persuaded the Arigena and Ariqun that a new duty for specific Qunari is needed, to adapt to the present challenges.

The new Arishok proposed a controversial idea of adopting a similar framework of the Circle of Magi. He went on to purpose that their current use of the Saarebas is not efficient to the Qunari way. After much discussion and debate the Arigena and Ariqun came to agree with the Arishok.

Thus began a diligent effort by the Tamassran to cultivate a Qunari that can control magic. After many failed attempts, one child Qunari prevailed, Samara the first of the Tal-Sataareht(True Enforcer/Defender).

A Tal-Sataareht is meant to be a complete follower of the Qun, with no doubts, impossible to ever become a Tal-Vashoth. A Tal-Sataareht enforces and defends the way of Qun, its mastery of magic over powers those of the Circle of Magi unlike the Saarebas who are weaker in comparison. In the body of the creature the Tal-Sataareht is the spine of Qun, since their conviction can never be broken a Tal-sataareht judgement is final and never doubted.

This addition to the Qunari way has banded the scattered factions, bringing an overturn in power since their defeat in the Exalted Marches.

Many are now fearful of the Qunari victory once more.