Project Cosplay Shines Spotlight on ‘Mass Effect 3’ Commander Shepard

The female Commander Shepard is expertly portrayed by Crystal Graziano in this week’s episode of Project Cosplay.

Crystal Graziano as Commander Shepard

Project Cosplay is an on-going series on YouTube that aims to cast the spotlight on particularly talented cosplayers whose love of costume design seems like less of a hobby and more of an artform.

This week's episode of Project Cosplay features the lovely Crystal Graziano, whose works graced the pages of Gameranx not too long ago when she took on the roles of Street Fighter's Cammy, MGS's Laughing Octopus, and a variety of other characters.

On the show, Crystal details her most challenging cosplay to date as the female Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect series of games. Although long held popular by legions of her fans, it wasn't until the third and latest game, Mass Effect 3, that the character, referred to colloquially as 'FemShep' was allowed to grace the cover, previously held dominant by the male Commander Shepard. The game is available on the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and the Wii U.

The 'FemShep' character was redesigned as a proper concept by BioWare prior to the release of the game, casting her with red hair at the behest of fans who took part in a poll on Facebook.

Crystal's works are judged by Hollywood effects master Steve Wang, who offers his opinion on the costume and offers up some commentary on Crystal's abilities as a costume artist. Watch the episode below.