‘Metro: Last Light’ Screenshots Offer a Vision of Post-Apocalyptic Life Underground

Catch a glimpse of life in post-apocalyptic Moscow after the bombs dropped.

metro last light

THQ has released a host of new screenshots for 4A Games' upcoming first person shooter, Metro: Last Light. The game is set as the post-apocalyptic sequel to Metro 2033, which takes place in downtown Moscow. 

The new screenshots offer a view of Moscow both above ground and below within the tunnels—the Metro, to be precise. Far from the dreary apocalyptic vision of Rage and other post-apocalyptic games, Metro: Last Light appears vibrant and full of color, clearly bucking the trend.

Undeserted, the Metro looks completely lived in with the presence of human inhabitation. There are bars, vendors, and families all of whom live within the safe confines of the underground Metro. 

Things look at lot bleaker outside, as skies remain overcast and buildings are remain deserted and unpopulated—at least by humans. Expect them to be full of horrors, which you'll have to face when the game comes out. 

Metro: Last Light is slated for release on March 2013 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The developer has no plans to release the game on the Wii U due to the console's inferior specs and the challenge it would pose for the developers to develop the port.

Thanks AGB.