Age of Empires Online Will Get No More Content

The game will continue to be supported, but there will be no new civilisations added

The Age of Empires Online team has revealed in a blog post that it will no longer create new content for the game, as it is “too expensive to maintain for long”. Notably, that means no more civilisations will be added to the game, including the Roman civilisation many had hoped for. Instead, players will have to make do with the existing six civilisations and “very large amount of high-quality, hand-crafted entertainment” the game already has to offer.

Cutting funding for extra content does not mean the team is abandoning Age of Empires Online, however. As the blog post puts it, the game “has finished its development phase, and now moves on into its support phase.” So players will still be able to get support for any problems they might encounter in the game, and the forums, manual, and support tickets will all still be open, though it may take longer for the team to fix any bugs found after this point.

More than that, the game will still host “Community Challenges, streams, contests, PvP tournaments and more”. So everything will remain pretty much the same, there just won't be anything new coming out after a “small amount of content” that is due to be released in the next few weeks.

If you play Age of Empires Online, does this change anything? Or are you just glad they're not shutting down the game completely?