Dead Space 3 Cosplay is So Impressive, He Got Hired by EA

This Dead Space cosplay is so good you need to see it now.

Remember when we posted how Anna Moleva's (a.ka. Ormeli) portrayal of Elizabeth in BioShock Infinite was so impressive she got hired by Irrational Games to be the "official face" of Elizabeth?

Well, she's not alone; Joining her is French cosplayer Kevin who impressed EA with his portrayal of Isaac Clarke in the Dead Space franchise that EA has hired him to do promo work for the series, too.

And just like Ormeli's version, this one does not disappoint. While the images below look altered and professionally edited, it doesn't take away from the fact that his rig looks so good, I don't think Visceral themselves could have done it any better. 

Don't believe me? Take a look for yourself.

In the next few shots, we get to see Isaac Clarke accompanied by Ellie Langford (portrayed by Kevin's friend Lea Charvin).

Extra effects added or not, Kevin's Dead Space rig looks damn fantastic! Heck, it even lights up just like the in-game version, too! So, now that super-impressive cosplayers are getting hired by the publishers themselves, can this be a viable career, then? Or did these people get lucky? 

Have you seen any game cosplay that's even more amazing? If so, share it in the comments and we might just feature it on the site.

Source: Kotaku