Sing Hero Is Yet Another Music Game From Activision That Never Happened

Unlike Band Hero, it’s somewhat obvious what it was going to be about.

Not long ago, we mentioned how there was going to be a Guitar Hero 7, until it was killed in development by Activision. And today, we have discovered yet another spin off that never came to fruition. Alongside Band Hero and DJ Hero there was supposed to be Sing Hero.

Unlike Band Hero, there is little confusion as to what Sing Hero's focus would have been, by just the title alone. But otherwise, details are sparse. Though if one heads on over to Siliconera, one can see additional concept art and some very preliminary screenshots.

The karaoke game appeared to be set up almost identically to Guitar Hero; if your singing is decent enough, you'll get fans, which in turn would lead you down the path of super stardom.

The developer behind the project was Pi Studios, who has an extensive history with Harmonix, the creators of Rock Band (and who were the first to introduce singing into the Guitar Hero formula that they basically created), by producing various ports for the PS2 and Wii on their behalf.

There's no word either as to how far along the game was. The plug was pulled with Activision decided to leave the music genre far behind. Pi Studios were also working on a revival of Bonk that was also eventually cancelled.