Remedy Teases ‘Alan Wake’ Sequel, Will It Be An ‘Xbox 720’ Exclusive?

What’s going on with Alan Wake? Only Remedy knows, and they’re teasing us.

alan wake 2

Alan Wake may be getting a true sequel, hinted at by a Facebook post from its makers. Remedy took to the social network to announce that the Alan Wake franchise, which includes the original game and the American Nightmare expansion, is currently enjoying a 75% discount on Steam, adding that "even greater Remedy news" was to come in 2013.

The announcement and the sale of the game come in the, ahem, wake of the registration of a web domain for Alan Wake 2 (, which suggests that the eponymous character will be making a return in the not-too-distant future. Given that the studio no longer works on the Max Payne franchise, it stands to reason that they're wholly invested in expanding the profitable Alan Wake universe.

The game's lead writer, Sam Lake, tweeted the following:

It's unknown whether the new game will be exclusive to the Xbox 360 (or its successor) as the original Alan Wake was upon its release a few years ago. It remains to be seen whether the upcoming game, whatever it may be, will see release before the next generation of consoles comes out.