Destination PlayStation 2013 Announced

This year’s event will take place in the Sonoran Desert, Arizona

Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced the details for its 2013 Destination PlayStation event with one of those swanky websites that moves about all over the place as you scroll. The 13th annual Destination PlayStation will take place in February of this year, the 25th to the 28th, in the Sonoran Desert. Guests are advised to add sunglasses to their business-casual wardrobes for the event. Those who attend can expect “food, drink, play, and a first look at all the amazing new releases coming from Sony Computer Entertainment America Entertainment in 2013” (second “Entertainment” theirs, not mine).

Specific details for what will be on display are obviously thin on the ground, but the schedule is all mapped out with a large chunk of each day dedicated to “individual retailer scheduled appointments with SCEA and third party companies” in between multiple sessions for food, drinks, and golf.

While this event is for the likes of big retailers, and any huge reveals (like, for example, a PS4) will be kept strictly behind closed doors, last year's Destination PlayStation did bring a few leaks and additional details on upcoming titles, so we'll just have to hope that this year's will provide the same.