The iCade Jr Is Just $10 At The Moment

It’s definitely one of those "why the heck not?" type of deals.

If you're a seasonsed gamer with an iPhone, you probably have issues with how many games control, since virtual buttons are hardly perfect. Which also means you've probably thought about picking up one of Think Geek's arcade housings, which gives games "real" controls, via physical buttons plus joystick.

Unfortunately, the cost has been the most prohibitive factor for most, but Think Geek has a sale going on right now that's too good to pass up. As Cult of Mac points out, the iCade Jr is just $10, which is 80% off the normal asking price.

The iCade Jr is the mini version of the original iCade arcade cabinet for the iPad. This one is mostly designed for the iPhone 4/4S, along with the 4th generation iPod Touch, though you can still fit an iPhone 5 inside, so long as you leave the top open.

Not every game supports the iCade, but the list of titles continues to grow at a stead pace. No word on how long the sale will last, but it's strongly encouraged to pick one up as soon as possible, while supplies last.