Mass Effect: Paragon Lost Is Finally Here

For you James Vega fans out there, your prayers have been answered.

Hey, remember the Mass Effect anime that was announced some time ago, but which many (perhaps yourself included) forgot about? Well, it's finally here. Actually, it came out about three days ago. Here's the launch trailer:

To recap, it centers on the trails and tribulations of James Vega, the Freddie Prinze Jr. voiced second banana that made his debut in Mass Effect 3 that you were instructed to like, but probably did not. Good luck trying to figure out the plot from the trailer above. I myself am completely lost (though it certainly doesn't help that I'm a relative novice to the Mass Effect franchise).

The movie was directed by Atsushi Takeuchi, who admittedly has a very impressive list of credits, mostly in the realm of character and mechanical design, everything from Macross Frontier to Ghost In The Shell 2. Mass Effect: Paragon Lost appears to be Takeuchi's directorial debut.

And the serving as the writer is Henry Gilroy, who is mostly known for his extensive work on the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated program. To nab a copy on either DVD or Blu-ray, simply follow this link.