Curiosity Has Been The Target Of Hackers

But Molyneux has a plan to keep the secret inside a secret.

Peter Molyneux's iOS app in which some secret thing is hidden inside a cube that players must tap away to reveal has been the target of multiple hacking attempts over the past few weeks, Polygon reports.

To be honest, it's hardly a shocker. The structure itself is made millions of smaller cubes that form a protective later, approximately 100 million in total. After players have tapped enough of the tiny blocks away, another layer is revealed underneath.

Thus far, 3.5 millions players have managed to get rid of 129 layers, but there's still plenty left (presumably) to go. And once the center is reached, one single player, with the one final tap, will find out what that's inside exactly.

Something that has been promised to "life-changingly amazing by any definition." So it's no surprise to hear that people are using dirty tricks to crack the cube open. But Molyneux and his team at 22Cans anticipated such an issue.

So instead of the actual thing being inside, it's instead a video that explains how to get it, which he considers their safety net:

"Thank God we didn't do this, but we couldn't make them put the center of what's in the cube in the device, on the client, because hackers would have easily been able to hack that… The cube has been attacked by a a lot of hackers over the past few weeks and we've defended against that.

The golden rule is: If you put something you want to protect on the device then it is going to get hacked."

By the way, the prize is not just the video itself:

"Don't think the prize is just a video of me saying, 'You've won, chaps!' in a British voice with a big thumbs-up. It's definitely a lot more meaningful than that. It's amazing and it's life-changing and I'm happy to be judged on its worth and its value."