Dragon Quest 7 Tie-In Lets You Command A McDonald’s

As the saying goes, only in Japan!

Not many people in US are aware of this, but video games and McDonald's goes hand in hand in Japan. For exmaple, one primary reason why Capcom's Monster Hunter series became so popular was because players used to gather and play together at the house that Ronald McDonald built, thanks to the supplied wifi.

Eventually Capcom began to team up with the fast food chain to dole out promotional items and quests. And Square-Enix is now doing the same, with Dragon Quest VII: McDonald's' Mysterious Stone Tablet.

It's a special downloadable game that can be snatched up if you bring you DSi or 3DS to a participating location between January 11 and March 28. Only in Japan, of course.

Destructoid explains how you can play as either a warrior, a magician, a crew person at McDonald's, or a manager there. The goal is to battle monsters to obtain stone tablet fragments. Which, when put together, look like Big Macs and the like.