GTA 5 Official T-Shirts Now Available for Pre-Order

Rockstar has now opened the pre-order page for GTA 5’s official shirts.

While waiting for Grand Theft Auto 5 might be agonizing enough by itself, Rockstar is now offering another official Grand Theft Auto 5 t-shirts! Yep, you read that right, just like the game, you can't buy them just yet, too.

However, you can now check out the two designs available in Rockstar's online warehouse and these bad boys will start shipping a week from now starting January 7, 2013.














Both shirts will have a men's and women's version and will be available in six different sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Double XL and Triple XL for $20 each. 

You can place your order for the "Grand Theft Auto V Tee" and "Grand Theft Auto V Logo Tee" here.

Sadly, that's all the Grand Theft Auto 5 info we have for the day — and presumably, for the year. Just in case you want to read up on more details, we did list down every vehicle we found in GTA 5's second trailer so give that a go. Also, for the first time in franchise history, Grand Theft Auto 5 will feature three protagonists instead of focusing on just one and you can read up on those details here.

So, anyone getting a shirt or two to make GTA 5's wait a tad more bearable or should Rockstar stop teasing us and give us new info instead? 

GTA 5 is set for a spring 2013 release for the PS3 and Xbox 360.