Watched An Ouya Dev Kit Get Unboxed

And if you’re a developer that’s supposed to get one yourself, it might be showing up in just a few hours.

Game makers who are set to receive development kits for the Android based gaming console are getting theirs sooner than expected, reports The Verge.

Initially it was assumed that they'd be going out today, but as it turns out, December 28 is when the first deliveries are happening.

And, to help mark the occasion, its creators have produced the following video that shows what unboxing the new hardware will be like:

Today also marks the release of the Ouya SDK, dubbed the ODK, into the wild. Meaning, even those without the dev console can start working on creating games, or converting and optimizing their existing Android software for the upcoming game platform.

The commercial units are not expected until March or April of next year. Though, considering how silky smooth things have been running, one should be surprised if they arrive sooner than expected as well.