Mass Effect 3 Gets the Cinematic Treatment from a New Mod

There’s a new "cinematic mod" for Mass Effect 3. See the screens and details.

Do you play Mass Effect 3 on the PC? If you still haven't finished it or you just want to replay it again to see how badass Commander Shepard can be, maybe this mod can help spice things up.

Courtesy of Reddit user Sidspyker, he calls it a "Cinematic Mod" for BioWare's latest RPG effort. Now, before you say it, yes, we know there are other mods of similar style to this one released before. But just in case you want a new one, we've embedded a few screenshots and the download link below.

According to the mod creator, he tried to make the screenshots below more cinematic so that should account for the "blue overdose" in some parts of the images. 

You can check out the rest of the screens and even comparison shots, here.

SidSpyker also states that this mod can be used in multiplayer. As a matter of fact, he uses the same mod for another one of EA's games, which is Battlefield 3. If you want to download it, just head on over to the download page. It's a tiny 92kb download so it should literally take you no more than a second to download it. 

However, installing it is a different matter altogether. We've outlined the installation and mod notes below, too, just in case you need 'em.

  • Firstly, to use this mod(or any other cinematic mod), you need to disable all your overlays, such as steam or Uplay or Origin, MSI Afterburner, eVGA Precision, etc.(FRAPS etc work fine)

  • Copy all the files into the Binaries/Win32 folder of your Mass Effect 3 directory, do not change the structure of the mod.

  • This mod uses custom Anti-aliasing(AA)- SMAA, It is recommended to use it if you are using default in-game AA till now. Disable your in-game AA from Extras–>Options–>Graphics—>Antialiasing–>Off.

  • If you use your own AA methods(TXAA, SGSSAA), then I would recommend you disable SMAA from the config. Open ME3.txt, find this line(it's at the very top) #define USE_SMAA_ANTIALIASING 1 and change it to define USE_SMAA_ANTIALIASING 0 and save the file.

  • This mod runs whenever exe is launched from same folder, that means in MP as well. It should be safe in MP, I use this with BF3.

  • Should you wish to uninstall the mod, you should delete all the mod files or run the provided Uninstall batch file.

Give the mod a go and let us know if you like it better or if it makes the colors too saturated or something, alright? Of course, if you hated Mass Effect 3's ending before, this won't change a thing. Sadly, I don't think there's a mod for that one yet.