Star Wars: The Old Republic Additions to Preferred Status Players Detailed

Expect additional perks like bonus character slots.

Star Wars: The Old Republic has gone the way of the free to play, switching out their subscription based model for the appeasing don't-pay-a-dime one. In a new video from producer Cory Butler, the bonuses available to former subscribers are revealed, detailing what returning players should expect when playing the new FTP experience.

Those who once has a SWTOR subscription will be given Preferred Status, which will grant the player four quick bars instead of two, increase the character slots from two to six, and make some unlockables available from the start of the game. New players who wish to have these perks can get Preferred Status by making any purchase in the new online store, the Cartel Market. You can see a few of the available items, like new outfits and a mount with Christmas tree lights, in the above footage.

The first expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic, Rise of the Hutt Cartel, is due out this spring.