Rumor: Ubisoft Already In Talks to Buy THQ’s Assets, Going After a “Bargain Buy”

Ubisoft is allegedly in talks now as we speak in order to buy THQ or some of its assets…

While Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has openly admitted last November that he'd be interested in acquiring THQ's assets, it looks like he wasn't kidding around.

Now that THQ has filed for bankruptcy and is negotiating how they'll move on from it, MCV's sources are telling them that Ubisoft is now already in lengthy discussions with THQ (and possibly Clearlake Investments) in brokering a deal.

One major thing they're debating on is, of course, the actual price. These same sources are saying that Ubisoft is after a "bargain buy," and in turn, the French-owned publisher is ready to hold-out until THQ is forced to sell of specific assets piecemeal or buy them on the cheap.

Considering THQ's stable of studios and brands, it's not puzzling why Ubisoft is actively seeking them. If successful, Ubisoft will have the Saints Row, Company of Heroes, Darksiders, Homefront, Red Faction franchises, as well as be able to develop games based on the WWE license. If you compare THQ's brands to what Ubisoft has now, they're exactly what they need in order to fill in a few genre holes in their catalog.

Keep in mind that this is just a rumor for now — though, a highly-plausible one at that, I admit. 

Would you want Ubisoft to acquire THQ or its assets or would you rather have EA, Take-Two, Activision or another publisher buy them instead? If given the choice, which publisher would you give each IP to?