BioShock Infinite: Watch the First Five Minutes, Spoilers Within

Want to know how BioShock Infinite starts? Here’s the first five minutes of the game courtesy of Irrational!

Irrational Games has a rather special treat today for BioShock fans, as they've just released footage of the game's first five minutes! Needless to say, there are spoilers contained within. So if you absolutely do not want anything in the game spoiled for you, I suggest not watching the entire clip.

The trailer starts in the year 1912 in the Coast of Maine and we see our protagonist Booker DeWitt in a raft with Elizabeth. Before I bore you with the description, I suggest just watching it yourself to give the trailer justice.

While we already know BioShock Infinite's art style looks fantastic, it's no slouch on a technical level, either. Based on the Xbox 360 demo they're using for the video, the overall fidelity and textures really look good. I honestly thought it was PC footage at first.

What's comforting here is that even this early on, the trailer really gives off an obvious BioShock vibe even if the setting's not in Rapture. If you've played BioShock 1, you'll know how important the ambience was in giving the game's environments a life of its own.

BioShock Infinite is scheduled to be out in March 2013 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. After watching this trailer, March can't come soon enough for me — especially since Ken Levine is already proclaiming that its ending is unlike anythng we've ever experienced before.

Are you liking what you've seen so far or is it a tad too much like BioShock 1 and is the game one of your most anticipated for 2013 now?