Watch How Videogame Characters Suffer From In-Game Glitches

Watch this video now to see Mario, Link and other videogame characters fall victim to the dreaded game glitch!

Nowadays, most videogames suffer from bugs, glitches and other sort of anomalies that are normally fixed by patches and updates. While they're annoying enough by themselves, imagine what these glitches look like for videogame characters.

Well, thanks to the folks over at CorridorDigital, we don't have to imagine, as they've now released a new video called "The Glitch;" that — you've guessed it — shows how glitches look to videogame characters.

In the video below, watch as Mario, Link, Ness from Earthbound, Master Chief and more suffer from various in-game glitches. Out of all of 'em, the most frightening one is definitely what happens to Mario.

What's more ironic here is that these glitches might seem over-the-top, but in some cases, today's games are known to behave this way. Heck, just take a look at Skyrim for the PS3 and see how many in-game glitches are still left unresolved even after a year from release.

Also of note, generic military shooter guy for some reason reminds me of Battlefield 3 and funnily enough, the glitch shown is something that plagued the game when it first came out. It's not identical frame-by-frame. but guns disappearing under floors, and stretching limbs were part of the early things that got patched.

What are the most famous glitches you know about now? For this console generation, what are the most known videogame glitches that will forever be remembered?