PSN Maintenance Set To Occur August 15th

‘Most’ services will still be active.

Sony will be doing routine maintenance on its servers this upcoming week. Sony announced that August 15th, PS4, PS3, PS Vita will be affected, along with Sony related web-services.

The maintenance will only take around 30 minutes, players will be able to use their systems, sign in, play games and use most applications, however, the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Video, and Account Management will be offline during the maintenance period.

Sony did not say specifically what this maintenance period is for, but it usually comes just before an update.

“We apologise for any inconvenience,” Sony said. “We strive to ensure that PlayStation Network services are available at all times, but occasionally we must take PlayStation Network offline to perform essential maintenance and implement feature enhancements. We are working hard to reduce the duration of each maintenance.”

In other Sony related news, Minecraft devs aren’t giving up on bringing cross-play to the PS4.

Minecraft developer Mojang recently announced the cross-platform beta period between PC and Android players under their Better Together campaign.

Mojang expressed their desire to enable cross-platform play on Sony’s PS4 several times, but Sony isn’t too keen on the idea. However, this isn’t stopping the studio from constantly trying to convince them and bringing the feature to all Minecraft players on the PS4.