Heroes Of Newerth Servers Breached, League Of Legends Might Be Next

The hacker may have his sights on the LoL community next.

Mobile online battle arena title Heroes of Newerth has been hacked, and if the perpetrator can be believed, League of Legends is next. The breach (and the hacker's apparent lust for attention) spawned a Reddit AMA, where he boasted that his motivation in exploiting the HoN vulnerability was because, "there's nothing as hilarious as seeing a bunch of fanboys of a game get enraged over the fact that their favourite game has been hacked", adding:

“The vulnerability in their systems was just pathetic, I am surprised nobody else has hacked HoN before. And I still have a plenty of vulnerabilities left and will hack HoN again on the 25th of december (Merry fucking christmas s2).”

“I guess I'll do LoL next as this was so funny."

The hacker, who claims to be a Belarus network security engineer, says he actually attacked the servers this past Friday, but decided to sneak into the Twitter and stream accounts of a few high profile Heroes of Newerth players when S2 failed to acknowledge the server breach.

Whether or not the threat to League of Legends is valid is unclear, as Riot Games has yet to respond, but S2 Games for their part have reset all passwords and warned that any accounts that share any details with your Heroes of Newerth profile be changed immediately.