LawBreakers Impressions – A Good-But-Not-That-Good Fast-Paced Gravity-Defying Shooter

LawBreakers is a great game when it’s working properly, and that’s not as often as you think.

The shooter genre is getting more hero-based games, mostly trying to replicate Blizzard’s massive success with Overwatch. Most of them failed to do so or even went under the radar, but LawBreakers isn’t just another Overwatch-replica. The title is unique in its own way and offers something special most new titles don’t. LawBreakers is developed by Boss Key Productions and published by Nexon, and with Director Cliff Bleszinski at the helm, there is certainly no worries regarding the quality of the game. Cliff Bleszinski is mostly known for his work on Unreal Tournament, and the Gears of War franchise, and you can feel these titles’ influence once you start playing LawBreakers.

LawBreakers is one of the mots fast-paced shooters I have experienced, with everybody flying around and swinging around the map while shooting at each other. The game is a pure multiplayer experience, offering seven maps and four modes for players to enjoy. The seven maps are: Trench, Grandview, Mammoth, Reactor, Station, Vertigo and Promenade. The player doesn’t have the choice to choose which map he prefers to play on or which mode, as the game only offers a Quick Match option where the game automatically circulates through the maps and modes available. At the time of release, players can play one of four modes; Uplink, Turf War, Blitzball and Overcharge. From my own personal experience with the game, Turf War was the most enjoyable as it allows for more tense and competitive matches. Turf War is very similar to Domination, since it involves three capture points that teams compete to control before the timer runs out and resets the control points. The team that reaches the maximum score first wins.

On launch day, I wasn’t able to play the title on PS4 as it suffered from a hitching issue, but probs to Boss Key Productions for solving this problem as quick as possible. The game has an incredibly vast and varied range of characters to choose from, split into factions, Law and Breakers. After reading through some of the characters’ details to decide which one to choose from my first game, I realised the amount of detail and work Boss Key Productions put into making each character unique and cater to all the different playstyles people may think of. If you like a quick and agile character with blades to kill your enemies, Assasin is there for you. If you want to be that guy blasting everybody on the map with your rocket launcher, Titan got you covered.

LawBreakers definitely manages to offer a unique cast of characters that rarely felt dead or just “characters.” For some reason, every character seemed to have its own personality, which is very difficult to achieve especially in shooting games. From the get go, you definitely feel the fast-paced gameplay and competitive environment the game offers. In every map, there is a zero-gravity area, most of the times it’s where the main objective is or the middle control point. This area allows from some very enjoyable and tense moments, seeing both teams’ players flying and grappling their way across to shoot players flying above them. Even when you push someone off, it doesn’t mean they are going to die. I shot someone off the game’s map, only to see him propel himself back up with his rocket launcher to kill me. I wasn’t even mad at that point because this is the difference LawBreakers has to offer.

All in all, LawBreakers is definitely a refreshing experience, but still has a number of problems. One of these problems and most noticeable is being unable to find games at all during certain times of the day, which I encountered several times unfortunately. I also experienced a few input delay issues, which is very important for the developer to address especially when it’s in a game that needs twitch reflexes. In case you are willing to overlook the lack of single-player and the relatively low number of maps and game modes, you will definitely enjoy LawBreakers and its vast cast of unique characters.