‘Metro: Last Light’: Watch 12-Minutes of Amazing Action Now

Curious how Metro: Last Light is shaping up? Take a look at 12-minutes of in-game footage.

For those curious how 4A Games' Metro: Last Light is shaping up, there's a 12-minute video embedded below (via VG247), where Creative Strategist Huw Beynon walks us through different facets of the shooter.

In the video, three different levels are shown off; there's a stealth-based rescue mission, a look at the Venice stage, and there's even parts where we get to see how gun customization works in the game.

Needless to say, it's a must-watch for Metro and shooter fans. 

Just in case you don't have 12-minutes to watch the entire clip. there's also a time stamp on the key moments of the trailer. You can see it below, but to be honest, I suggest giving the whole video a look.

  • Stealth Rescue Mission: 01:02

  • Going Loud: 02:46

  • Reloading Mechanics: 03:48

  • Venice Reveal: 04:28

  • Gun Customization Reveal: 06:15

  • Combat in Venice: 07:20

  • Surface-based mission (‘Non-linear’): 08:15

Seeing as the version shown in the video walkthrough is from the Xbox 360 build. I have to admit, it looks way better than I expected. Of course, everything's given a "dark" look like its predecessor, but the environments, lighting and enemies look fantastic.

Metro: Last Light still has no specific release date nailed down yet, but it's scheduled to ship in March of 2013 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Here's to hoping Metro: Last Light's impressive showing now will lead to THQ's turnaround next year.