Sea of Thieves Dev Describes Title as “Most Fun and Welcoming Multiplayer Game Ever”

Rare is trying to make Sea of Thieves as welcoming as possible.

Rare’s upcoming pirate-themed title, Sea of Thieves, is a rather ambitious title, and Rare isn’t backing down from experimenting and trying new things.

Executive Producer Joe Neate was recently featured in The Official Xbox Magazine September issue, via WCCFTech, where he described the studio’s approach to making Sea of Thieves the “most fun and welcoming multiplayer game ever.” They will provide players with tutorial videos, help on how to recruit people and more. He continued to praise the game’s passionate community even before the title is released.

This type of game needs a positive, engaged, welcoming community that is knowledgeable. They’re gonna help new players. They’re gonna be making tutorial videos. They’re going to bring people into their crew. And so we’ve built this massive, positive, engaged community, and it blows my mind. The game’s not out yet and we’ve already got so many super fans we could have a Sea of Thieves festival! It’s the most fun and welcoming multiplayer game ever. That’s our ambition.

Our community on the forums, they have their own set of rules, kind of like a pirate’s code. And one of those is that you’re not allowed to swear on the forums, which is kind of funny because I’ve been modded twice by our community!

We’ve got a bunch of people we call the ‘deckhands’, who are people we’ve appointed to moderate the community, and they love catching me swearing, because I just get passionate about things. I love that they’re doing that. So I’m going to work with the community to create a pirate’s code for the game, because we want people to be respectful in Sea of Thieves.

We want to set our stand early, but work with our community to set the right sort of guidelines, the right sort of rules, and work with them to enforce it. I’d love it if this was someone’s first multiplayer game – you know, they’ve never really wanted to get into it before, they’ve just been put off by the fact that it’s really competitive or it could be toxic. We could make something that’s far more welcoming but still amazing fun. The Insider Program is basically our way of building that positive community, and learning how to manage and communicate with a community. We send them weekly Insider emails, we give them early access to the videos we create, we engage a ton on the forums with them.

Sea of Thieves releases on PC and Xbox One in early 2018.