Tales From the Borderlands Director Reveals Title Was Perceived Internally “As a Failure”

Tales From the Borderlands didn’t live up to Telltale’s expectations.

Telltale Games always manages to deliver interesting and plot-twist-filled storylines with every title they release, but sadly, Tales from the Borderlands didn’t live up to the studio’s expectations.

Tales From the Borderlands released back in late 2014, and the first season was fully released by October 2015. The latest Campo Santo Quarterly Review revealed a lot of things that went down behind the scenes towards the end of Tales from the Borderlands. Season Director Nick Herman admitted that the game’s sales wasn’t selling as expected, and weren’t comparable to the The Walking Dead for example.

At that point, the sales for Tales from the Borderlands weren’t great. They were decent, it’s not like we were losing money, but compared to something like The Walking Dead, it wasn’t on the same level.

The mentality was, we’ve got to wrap this season up quick, because we need to move on to some other things, and we’re holding on to staff, and it didn’t  –  I couldn’t let go, and let the season just end either abruptly or not pay off the things we were setting up.

He continued to discuss how the game was indeed “perceived as a failure” within Telltale.

After the first week or so, the adrenaline wore off, and I realized I had no clue what came next. I hadn’t really thought about what happened after Borderlands, and as I looked at what was on the horizon, I had a hard time getting excited for the next thing. Tales was my life for two years, and internally it was perceived as a failure. Critically it was a huge success, but from a sales and production standpoint, it wasn’t awesome.

So after all that, there wasn’t a whole lot of high fives and crowd surfing, but I guess we already knew that stuff would be absent at the finish line. [Season Writer Pierre Shorette] and I talk about how it’s hard enough to just make a shitty thing; that’s like 75% of the work. I guess it just seems crazy to not push for that last 25% and give yourself a shot at making something special.

Did you play Tales from the Borderlands? It was free on PlayStation Plus last month so make sure to give it a try.