RAGE: The Scorchers DLC Screenshots Showcase New Allies and Enemies

New screens of the RAGE DLC, The Scorchers, have been released.

Rage The Scorchers

RAGE has been out for quite awhile, and one might have assumed that id Software had no further plans with the game, seeing as how the studio typically moves onto the next game once they're finished with one.

It goes without saying that these assumptions are wrong, and that id Software does have plans to expand the game in the form of a new DLC called The Scorchers. We first discovered their plans for the DLC half a year ago when the European ratings agency, PEGI, put up a rating for "RAGE: The Scorchers".

New screenshots of the expansion pack have materialized this week, confirming our speculation. It's set for release on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 this week through Steam, Xbox Live, and PSN respectively. The price is not yet known.

The DLC is a brand new adventure that spans across six all new locations, and players will be set to fight alongside new allies in defense of the Hagar Settlement from a group of bandits known as the Scorchers.

Have a look at the screenshots below.

The Scorchers

The scorchers

the scorchers

The scorchers

the scorchers