ARK: Survival Evolved Update v510.3 Fixes Numerous Issues

ARK: Survival Evolved Update v510.3 addresses and fixes several issues.

ARK: Survival Evolved recently received update v510.3. The update doesn’t include any major changes or additions, but it includes quite a few improvements and fixes to the game.

The update addresses audio issues, fixes the Artifact Achievement as it was unlockable for some people and much more. Here is everything you need to know about the update:


  • Fixed an issue where audio would randomly crackle
  • Fixed players not able to unlock the Artifact Achievement
  • Fixed an ascension crash related to split-screen
  • Dropped Item cache / Death Caches now save on reload
  • Player and Team dead bodies now save on reload
  • Transferring between ARKs in Single Player will now put you in the correct tribe
  • Fixed an issue with Omni Light where the bulb would always be red
  • Snakes no longer flee when they’re stuck
  • Pressing Fire to drop a body ragdoll no longer does the melee attack
  • Demolishing Gates no longer crashes Primitive+
  • Fixed a case where sound would not play properly depending on the position you were looking
  • Fixed an issue with cave-post processing in split screen
  • Fixed an issue where various host settings were not saving
  • Corrected the Apex Predator trophy description
  • Enabled Hibernated Spawns on Player Dedicated Servers to prevent an OOM crash.

ARK: Survival Evolved will finally release as a full game on August 29.