The Edge of Twilight Returns From the Abyss

The Steampunk-themed Zelda-like is back!

Edge of Twilight

The Edge of Twilight is a little known game that got some amount of press a few years ago when it was first announced as a kind of post-apocalyptic Steampunk Legend of Zelda. It dropped off the radar after some time and no one's heard from it—until now, that is.

The game has resurfaced, along with its Australian publisher/developer Fuzzyeyes Entertainment. Instead of being planned as a one-off title, the game will now be developed as an entire series with its first installment due out within the next few weeks.

It's a surprising turn of events given that the game was assumed to be all but dead.

In a press release, the game is described as follows, “The Edge of Twilight series is a multiplatform, diverse-genre series of steampunk titles, all taking place in the same world, one in which night and day exist as separate realms. The series will not commit to a set genre, but instead focus on a set world, flushing out the characters, world, and story throughout the series.

The first installment of the game is set for release in late 2012 and will carry the name of the series itself. The first episode, as it were, will focus around a character named Lex, a half-breed who bridges the gap between the realms of darkness and light.

"This forthcoming title will be an action/adventure game with heavy focus on gameplay, story, and puzzles," reads the release.

It's one to look forward to. Thanks AusGamers.