Gears of War: Judgment Gets an Overdose of Gameplay Footage, Watch It Now

Epic Games has four new gameplay trailers showcasing Gears of War: Judgment’s campaign and multiplayer.

If Gears of War: Judgment's VGA trailer wasn't enough for you, then prepare to be overwhelmed. Epic Games has now released four new videos showcasing both the single-player and multiplayer portions of the Gears of War prequel.

In the first trailer, we see Cole and Baird in the single-player mission simply titled "Mansion." As the name implies, they are storming a mansion and leaving a ton of dead locusts in the process. For those squeamish on spoilers, don't worry, as there's not a lot to be spoiled in this one-minute clip. Unless you count locusts getting their heads blasted off with the sawed-off shotgun as spoilers. If so, then I might have just spoiled the entire franchise for you, then.

In the next single-player video, the duo are now attacking locusts in a museum and we get to see some familiar Gears of War gunplay. It seems People Can Fly — who's developing GoW: Judgment — is dialing everything up a notch for Cole and Baird's first game in the series. 

The next two videos showcase the multiplayer and are significantly longer compared to the campaign vids. Here's the first one, which shows us a 12-minute gameplay of Free-for-All in the map called "Street." Not sure if it's just me, but the overall gameplay seems to be a bit faster compared to previous iterations.

Finally, the last video shows us a 19-minute clip of the game mode "OverRun" on the Junkyard map. It's like Horde mode, but this time, you're not just trying to survive, but you need to protect "E-Holes," too. Give the trailer a watch as it shows us the new classes People Can Fly is bringing in to the Gears of War franchise's multiplayer.

Will Gears of War: Judgment be the pinnacle of the series or will People Can Fly's version be considered the "lambent" of the franchise? We'll know for sure once the game ships on March 19, 2013 exlcusively for the Xbox 360.

Gears of War fans, are you liking what you've seen of Judgment so far or is Epic trying too much to make it into CoD?

Thanks, AGB