Naughty Dog Explains Why it Ditched Drake in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

“Chloe is improvisational, Nadine is more logical”

If you’ve been experiencing Uncharted 4 withdrawal symptoms, fear not—there’s not long left until Uncharted: The Lost Legacy finally hits the PlayStation Store. Anticipation for Naughty Dog’s latest title in the swashbuckling Uncharted series has seen it go gold.

Naughty Dog recently posted a detailed video explaining the making of The Lost Legacy over on the PlayStation Blog, including an explanation over Nathan Drake’s disappearing act. Creative Director Shaun Escayg said that Drake’s story was adequately “wrapped up” in Uncharted 4 and that served as the impetus for spotlighting a brand new cast. “Uncharted is more than just Nathan Drake”, agreed Game Director Kurt Margenau. Although The Lost Legacy does feature similar combat to Uncharted 4, it won’t be re-using assets from Uncharted 4so we can expect something fresh in the graphics department at the very least. As for why Chloe and Nadine were chosen as the game’s protagonists, Escayg mentioned that Chloe was a “fan favorite”, and pairing her up with Nadine would allow for a fun, interesting exploration into her personal background.

Curiously, Escayg has previously stated that it may not be the end for the Uncharted world. Whether he’s hinting at Uncharted 5 or additional spinoffs like The Lost Legacy is unclear, but we’re sure the Naughty Dog headquarters have all the answers. Fans will be watching.

Interested players can pre-order Uncharted: The Lost Legacy today for $39.99 USD.