Aqueous Rogue-Like Landless Updated With New Sea Creatures

An endless tale of survival at sea.

The post-apocalyptic thrills of BorderlandsFallout and DayZ quenched our appetite for a while, but now ocean-bound survival RPG Landless is the next adventure that can’t be tamed.

Developer CodeBullet is serving up a gigantic, procedurally generated playground where players need to craft, build and fight to stay alive. Both pirates and wildlife will be eager for a pound of flesh, so you’ll need to fend off attacks and maintain your vessel to increase your chances of survival.

The freshly launched Monster Hunter update introduces the leviathan, megalodon shark and and sperm whale, and gives players the opportunity to acquire skull trophies for harpooning the creatures successfully.

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Landless is out now via Steam for $14.99 USD.