Minecraft Halloween Skins Raise Almost A Million Dollars For Charity

As if we needed further proof as to how much everyone loves Minecraft.

Here's a newsflash: everyone loves Minecraft. Not a day goes by in which one is not reminded of how insanely popular the indie gaming, sandbox sensation truly is. Though the most recent bit of evidence is even more impressive than normal.

Joystiq reports that the Minecraft Halloween Skin Pack, which was a set of custom skins that were sold on Xbox Live, for the XBLA version of the game, managed to rack up a super impressive $770,448 for various charities. The pack was only available for just one month and only cost 160 MSP (that's $2 in real money).

The close to one million dollar total will be split among several charities. Including Block by Block, SANDS Lothians, Child's Play, and Macmillan Cancer Support. Joystiq also estimates that about 385,000 players participated in the promotion.

Remember, this was just for the XBLA version. Imagine how much more could have been possibly raised if it was for the PC version, which has a far wider fan base.