Destiny 2 File Size Revealed Xbox One

Surprisingly small…

Picking up Destiny 2? Make sure you have enough space on your hardrive before hitting that download button. Releasing on September 6, 2017 Destiny 2 will take up a total of 29.15, exclusive of any DLC or updates, as revealed on the Xbox marketplace.

Destiny 2 is an action shooter that takes you on an epic journey across the solar system. In the cinematic campaign, you’ll enter a world filled with compelling characters and fight to take back our home. Battle alongside friends with multiple cooperative modes or challenge others in intense multiplayer matches.

– Rich cinematic story campaign.
– Multiple cooperative game modes for epic, social fun.
– Intense 4v4 competitive multiplayer matches, including 5 different PVP modes.
– Expansive, never-before-seen worlds and spaces to explore.
– Customize your character’s weapons and armor with an all-new array of gear.
– Discover Lost Sectors, complete new Adventure missions, or rally to Public Events with other Guardians.
– Introducing a brand new Guided Games system that helps players find like-minded groups to experience Destiny 2’s most challenging activities, like the Raid.

In other Destiny 2 news, the directors of the Destiny 2 beta intentionally kept a whole bunch of the game secret as to suprise fans when it releases.

With the closure of the Destiny 2 Beta yesterday, fans of the series have been wondering as to why the Beta for Destiny 2 was so starved compared to the Beta for the original Destiny. Turns out, this was a conscious decision on the part of the developers since they want to keep “a whole bunch of the game secret”.