Dead Rising 4 Still Hasn’t Hit The 1 Million Shipment Mark

Capcom may have to finally retire Frank West.

Capcom’s Dead Rising 4 hasn’t been the most successful title, what with most players mostly blaming the game for its repetitiveness, lack of coop and downright boring story. It seems like this view has rung true across the board, we’ve recently learnt that Dead Rising 4 hasn’t even shipped 1 million copies yet.

Coming from Capcom’s Platinum Title list which basically indicates the publisher’s games which have shipped over one million copies, we can clearly see the exclusion of Dead Rising 4, meaning that the title hasn’t hit 1 million shipments. While sure, 1 million copies is quite an ask from most indie titles – for a game that has the development budget of most other triple A games, the backing of the series popularity from the previous titles, and a marketing campaign which made sure that nearly everyone knew that a new Dead Rising game was coming out, this is financial horror.

With no indication of a PS4 version, and the failure of steam to bump it to the 1 millionth mark, it seems like the Dead Rising 4 won’t make an appearance on Capcom’s Platinum Title list anytime soon.

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Dead Rising 4 is out now on Xbox One and PC.