Bioshock Infinite Full-Length Trailer Showcases One of the Game’s Big Badasses

The full-length gameplay trailer of Bioshock Infinite shows off the Handyman and a very helpful Elizabeth.

bioshock infinite

A couple of days ago, Irrational Games put up a new trailer of their upcoming game, Bioshock Infinite, at the Video Game Awards. The trailer remained exclusive to Spike until today, when the studio released an extended version of the very same trailer which they previewed live at the awards event.

The trailer begins with the game's protagonist Booker DeWitt dropping in on Elizabeth in her apartment where she is apparently watched over by something called the Songbird. A mechanical statue bellows out a patriotic-sounding tune to inform Elizabeth of its arrival, which she attempts to delay while DeWitt is about. Together, the two manage to escape as Booker apparently possesses a key to her vaulted apartment. 

They make their way out on an elevator and use the Skyline to get about and come under attack by one—or perhaps both—of the game's two factions, both of whom want to possess Elizabeth for her supernatural abilities. Booker dispatches most of them with a wide array of weapons, including his skyhook, a machinegun, a shotgun, and an ability that allows him to summon bats and distract his enemies. He even takes out a skyship with rocket launcher. Some weapons, including a mortar, were not seen in the original trailer. 

Throughout the battle, Elizabeth throws items at him and advises him of enemies. 

The trailer ends like it did at the Video Game Awards presentation, with Booker firing off a volley of rockets into a giant Handyman enemy. The Handyman appears capable of disabling the Skyline by electrifying it while Booker's hanging onto it. 

Bioshock Infinite is set for release on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 early next year.