Black Ops 2 Players Getting Unjust Probation Notices? Tips for Demolition, S & D Players

It seems people are getting "probation" notices in Black Ops 2 even if the host migrated. Read on for that and for a good tip on bomb planting/defusing.

Black Ops 2 on the PS3 just got an update the other day, but there's a significant issue that seems to have not been addressed yet. According to Reddit user RobotsHaveFeelingsTo, and a few other players, they are now getting unjust probatin notices/warnings from Black Ops 2's multiplayer. 

While these notices are handed out to players who rage-quit often, people have been experiencing even after host migrations, too.

Here's RobotHaveFeelingsTo's complete post:

Everytime I get kicked out of a match, I get on probation. Without fail. It tells me that quitiing will put me on probation immediatly after host migration and I have to wait for the timer to go down, and I dont quit very often, maybe once a week. Tops. 

Could this be a glitch on Treyarch's part or are these people just not being honest with how many times they quite matches? I admit, I haven't experience this yet, but it could be platform-specific. 

In other but related news, we have a few cool tips for Black Ops 2 players who play a lot of Demolition and Search & Destoy modes. Courtesy fo Reddit user SpongederpSquarefap, Mertal and MaTtKs who works at Treyarch.

  • When plating or defusing you can spin your legs around.So, with this you can make your legs go inside the bomb site, leaving less area for the enemies to shoot you.

  • You can also plant the bomb regardless of how much time is left on the clock in Demolition as an Attacker.

  • Another tip more suited to SnD I use shock charge and c4 after I plant the bomb place c4 and a shock charge where the bomb is they'll be hidden under the briefcase and as soon as you get a hitmarker from the shockcharge blow the c4 it should kill people even if they have flak jacket because of the damage from the shock charge.


That should help you a bit when it comes to bom bplanting and defusing, no?

Back to the major issue at hand, have you experienced any unjust probation notices, too? If so, on which platform and when does it occur? Let us know so other people will be informed of this "issue."