LawBreakers Lead Designer Comments on Overwatch Comparisons; Doesn’t Rule Out Possible Xbox One Version

BossKey is confident LawBreakers can stand on its own.

Developer Boss Key Productions’ LawBreakers is just a couple of weeks away from release.

Luckily, we got the chance to sit down with Lead Designer Dan Nanni to discuss numerous topics, mostly regarding LawBreakers and the studio’s future plans. When asked to comment on the comparison between LawBreakers and Blizzard’s massively successful Overwatch, he replied that the comparison is completely natural. However, he is completely confident the title can stand on its own.

I don’t think “fair” is the right word so much as it’s natural. This is just how we think and we, as people, like finding ways to compare things as it lets us communicate common understandings. I also understand that video games aren’t cheap, so players need reasons to spend their hard-earned dollars on something they don’t already own. That means developers have to sell players on what makes the game different and worth their time and money.

And yes, I think LawBreakers can easily stand on its own. If there could only be a handful of successful multiplayer first-person shooters, then we would have stopped making them back in the 1990’s. But that isn’t the case, and LawBreakers is a game worth your time and money as long as you enjoy fast-paced competitive multiplayer shooters.

LawBreakers is only coming to PS4 and PC on August 8, but Nanni didn’t completely rule out the possibility of seeing the title come to Xbox One users.

Always a chance, but for now we’re just talking about the PC and PS4. There’s only so much our small studio can do before we have to put in a formal request to extend our days beyond 24 hours.

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