Spacetours VR – Ep 1 The Solar System Lets You Rediscover Space

A non-linear tour of the stars.

For those of us who aren’t lucky enough to experience the wonders of the cosmos, Vibrant Visuals’ Spacetours VR is the next best thing. Episode 1 The Solar System delivers the eight planets to your computer screen in photo-realistic depictions courtesy of Unreal Engine. Players move around in a luxurious travel capsule, and through VR, the experience of simply moving around reaches never before seen levels of immersion.

In update V 1.1.0, Spacetours VR is getting a new database and model viewer features to let players learn more about the various celestial bodies. It’s designed to add an educational element to the entertainment, but Vibrant Visuals managed to beautify the graphics along the way, too.

Spacetours VR – Ep 1 The Solar System is available through Steam, the Oculus Store, and Viveport.