Bioshock Infinite PC Graphical Options Revealed

Bioshock Infinite offers a wide array of graphical options in the PC version.

bioshock infinite

Many game journalists had a chance to get their hands on Bioshock Infinite recently. The demonstration of the game yielded a not insignificant number of previews and screenshots of the game, details of which you can find out here.

In addition to the previews, the studio developing Bioshock Infinite gave the journalists a chance to test the game not on consoles, but on the PC, where they were able to peruse the game's settings menu. Like the very good, and very recent ports of Dishonored and Far Cry 3 for the PC, Bioshock Infinite can be counted among one of the games to offer a significant number of options to PC gamers.

It's especially nice to see PC gamers, especially those with high-end rigs, to be able to max out the game's potential to look really good. The following details about the game's video settings come from PC Gamer.

Texture detail
Dynamic shadows
Post-processing quality
Light shafts
Ambient occlusion
Object detail
FOV (a slider, with no listed value)
UI margins
Toggleable highlighting of “searchable” or “important” objects

Unlike Far Cry 3's support for DX11 however, the game is set to run on DX10 with a few features from the newer architecture.