Bioshock Infinite Screenshots Grace the Web, Elizabeth Dresses Differently

New screenshots of Bioshock Infinite have just been released.

A host of new Bioshock Infinite screenshots has surfaced today with the release of previews of the upcoming game at various online publications.

The release of the screenshots comes after the revelation that the game is being delayed for the sake of polish, and that Ken Levine still has plans to release a Vita game set within the Bioshock universe.

Of the new screenshots, one appears to depict Elizabeth in a completely different dress than the one she normally wears in all the previously released visuals for the game. In the same screenshot, posters of one "Father Comstock, Our Prophet" can be seen hanging in the background along with a poster for "Lil Miss Columbia".


The screenshots also showcase some never-before-seen environments which depict combat in various places, and a high-powered laboratory filled with tesla coils.

Skyline 2

The PC Gamer preview says that the game made the writer, Tom Francis, come away with "the same dazed feeling I got after I first played Half-Life 2."

"It’s a sensory overload: a relentless series of staggering sights, astonishing events, and more story and detail and mysteries than I could possibly absorb," he wrote.

Eurogamer's Jeff Matulef was slightly less favorable, stating that the game "feels too much like Bioshock at times"

Bioshock Infinite is slated for a March 2013 release on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Further screenshots can be seen below. 


hall of heroes

burning hands