GTA 5 Trailer Remade in LEGO

A fan has remade the GTA 5 trailer in LEGO

gta 5

Ever wondered what Grand Theft Auto would look like in Lego? Aside from waiting for that Lego City Undercover game to come out for the Wii U—which won't contain even a quarter of the violence offered in a real GTA title, there's little opportunity to imagine that such a thing could ever come to be.

Defying these limitations, one fan has remade the entirety of the first GTA 5 trailer entirely in Lego parts and minifigs, and filmed it entirely in stop-motion animation. We can only hope that the Lego game is half as fun as this trailer looks. Watch it below:

It's pretty damn rad, and it should be enough to tide us over until the next talented bastard comes along and produces something else to make our jaws drop—at least until the game's release early next year. 

GTA 5 will be out on the Xbox 360 and PS3 in early 2013. There's been no word of a PC version for the game, but a petition is currently ongoing to make sure Rockstar at least hears its fans out and puts something out for those of us with gaming rigs more powerful than a 5-year old console.

Come on, Rockstar. Is it really that hard to bring the game to the PC? You know it'll sell millions of copies on Steam, and who among us wouldn't like to see the game in all its glory? It's not as if any current generation console can even deliver half the visual quality of a PC. Ah, but I digress. Just watch the trailer.