Cops Using PlayStation Vitas To Nab Criminals In Japan

Nice to know that Sony’s portable hardware can be used for something else, other than not playing any new games.

The latest episode of Gekiroku: Keisatsu Micchaku 24ji!!, which has been described as Cops in Japan, features officers tracking down criminals who are perpetrating identity fraud.

This was done by searching for their whereabouts, by checking WiFi connections. And how was such a feat accomplished? A computer? A cell phone? A special device that only the law has access to? Nope, a PlayStation Vita.

According to Kotaku, Japanese site GetNews believe the cyber cops use the Vita instead of a smart phone or tablet because it's able to pick up wireless signals better. Plus it's much easier to obtain a Vita than, say, an iPhone or Android handset.

In addition to not needing to deal with the hassles of having to also set up a contract, like most phones, the Vita is also readily available everywhere. Insert your joke about no one buying them in the first place here.