Black Ops 2 Planned Fixes Detailed, SMG “Penetration” Looked at for Next Update

Treyarch and David Vonderhaar has gone on Twitter to interact with fans on what the next Black Ops 2 patch might bring! Read on for details.

While people are complaining about Black Ops 2's connectivity issues, it seems Treyarch is being trying to address that and more in the game's next planned patch.

David Vonderhaar, game director of Black Ops 2, along with a few other Treyarch employees, has taken to Twitter to answer a few imporant questions. Aside from mentioned connectivity and matchmaking problems, Treyarch is also looking to nerf and buff a few weapons and the submachine gun (SMG) — the weapon type most people use now — is mentioned, too!

Here's a list of Twitter conversations that will be of interest for Black Ops 2 multiplayer fans.:

  • @RyanBanks – any fix coming for the "Double tap to change package" teammate block? My packages always get stolen. Expand
  • @AlexanderConserva – There is a fix coming soon.
  • @Mr.Smith – So.. is there a fix for me getting a draw when I make a team rage quit in multiteam? Why can't the two remaining teams play?
  • @Alexander Conserva – This has already been fixed and will appear in a future update.
  • @VimalChandra – Thanks for the response back. I noticed in parties where host selection is not by best connection, just by party leader
  • @AlexanderConserva – Matchmaking, connectivity, and host selection are things we are actively working on and tweaking.
  • @kimpa7 – will you nerf any weapon?
  • @DavidVonderhaar – Yes. Nerfs and Buffs coming in next update.
  • @DavidVonderhaar – In the next patch, it will take a lot longer for a friendly player to hack his teammates Care Package.
  • @DavidVonderhaar – SMG penetration is probably too high. Something we are looking at for next update.

For those not familiar with how Twitter works, the first "@" is the player, while the second one is a Treyarch employee answering the said question. If you're on Twitter and asking away without getting a response, try not being a jerk and maybe you'll get a response. Even if you don't, keep in mind that Vonderhaar and Treyarch has hundreds of thousands of followers — most of which, I'm sure, badger them every hour.

So, are you happy with some of the things they'll be addressing in this unspecified future update? If not, what are the main things they should look into when it comes to the core gameplay itself? Sound off in the comments and let's see if it's something that everyone experiences.

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