Agents of Mayhem Will Take Around 20+ Hours to Complete Its Main Storyline; PS4 Pro, Xbox One X Power Will Allow for More “Dense and Vibrant” Seoul

Agents of Mayhem is a spin-off title from the Saints Row franchise.

Volition’s upcoming new IP title, Agents of Mayhem, draws inspiration from their successful franchise Saints Row in terms of art-style and gameplay.

Agents of Mayhem lets you take control over a crime-fighting agency, in an attempt to save the world from the evil L.E.G.I.O.N. organization. Players will have different and unique characters to choose from to form a squad of three agents. Volition’s Producer Kate Nelson was recently featured in an interview with WCCFTech, where he discussed the game’s length and how much time it will take if players solely focus on main missions.

Estimating play time in Agents of Mayhem is a bit difficult due to its open world nature. The critical path is dozens of hours of gameplay, and beyond this, players can level up their agents and agency, play through the global conflict metagame to unlock top tier LEGION lairs, replay missions while trying out different agent combinations, and capture LEGION outposts out of the open world of Seoul. Completing the critical path only levels your agents to level 20 out of 40 possible levels. So, after you beat the game, you’re really only halfway into the fun.

He continued to mention the additional power available in PS4 Pro, Xbox One X and PC, and what it will allow the studio to do. The extra power will allow Volition to create a “more dense and vibrant” Seoul city, with an increase in population, civilians and vehicles throughout the city.

Whenever a new platform or upgrades to an existing platform is announced, we take a look at what it will take to support it. Agents of Mayhem will have HDR support for the PlayStation 4 and PC. During development, we target 1080p with at least 30fps and often find we go higher as consoles grow. Higher end PCs by nature have a hardware advantage over consoles in terms of performance.

The more powerful platforms will see an increase in population, civilian and vehicular, making a more dense and vibrant Seoul to create mayhem in. Xbox One X is not released when the game comes out, so specs for the game on that platform are still TBD. The updates for Pro and Xbox One X are mostly about city density and utilizing the stronger GPUs to render more population, both pedestrian and vehicular.

Agents of Mayhem releases on August 15 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.