Nidhogg 2 Release Date Confirmed

Plus a brave new art direction.

We’ve known Nidhogg would be receiving a sequel for a while now. Nidhogg released in 2014 to very positive reviews, and introduced us to minimalist fencing that had Prince of Persia written all over it—right down to the graceful animations. Developer Messhof recently announced Nidhogg 2‘s release date, but unlike the original game, its graphics have undergone a noticeable shift.

Messhof’s Creative Director Mark Essen explained the decision to change the art direction over on the PlayStation Blog, clarifying that Nidhogg‘s art style was one born out of “practicality more than some daring vision”. Essen also mentioned he had been testing 2D bone animation programs, and it “seemed silly to use all this potential on pixelated stick figures.”

Nidhogg 2 is slated to release on August 15 for PC and PlayStation 4, with PlayStation 4 pre-orders kicking off from July 18. Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions are yet to be confirmed. Interested players can put Nidhogg 2 on their Steam wishlist today.