Destiny 2 Beta Pre-load Available

Put on your download now!


The pre-load beta for Bungie’s Destiny 2is now available.

While the actual beta won’t be playable until next week, Activision has made it possible for those with slower internet connections who want every minute of the adventure to themselves, with a week’s early pre-load.

This preload time is applicable for all three platforms, meaning that the Xbox, PS4 and PC all can download the beta at the same time. Though only the PS4 gets access to the actual beta a day earlier.

Players can expect the Inverted Spire strike that you saw footage of during the reveal along with the first story mission “Homecoming”. Furthermore, players will be able to make use of the three subclasses – Arcstrider, Dawnblade and Sentinel.

Destiny 2 will be released September 6th on the PS4 and Xbox One, whereas the PC version won’t be dropped until Oct 24th.

If you haven’t seen yet, Bungie have announced a white glacier PS4 Pro, check it out here.

This new bundle is not just some ordinary bundle though, this is the first ever Glacier White PS4 Pro console. Similar to the Glacier White PS4 which launched with the original Destiny, Destiny 2 plans to continue the tradition and launch another white console for Sony’s latest console – Ps4 Pro.